Friday, December 3, 2010

Best camcorder of 2010(panasonic tm700 vs canon vixia hf200)

The best camcorder of 2010 can be found at : (canon vixia hf21 hfs20 and hfs200
are almost same. But due to price Hfs200 may be better choice) (panasonic hdctm700 is best per this. This website
has best indepth review on specs..)

However both above site DONT tell you issues in camcorders. The user reviews
are best for this.
Panasonic tm700 Cons:  Not easy to use lcd, Has Fan noise(automatic gain control can
be disabled to minimize this).. Its however full 1080p HD(and hence requires fan).
HQ videos may be hard to even play on computer(forget about  burning)
You should note - that you may not hear the fan noise - unless you are trying to
hear it in silent surroundings(but its definitely there).

Canon HFS200 cons : SDHC card required(as no hd/flash), very low battery life, low light video quality
is bad.

So in short if you can ignore tape noise (use external microphone)- and video quality is more important - then Panasonic TM700 is the best camcorder.(its a choice of video quality vs audio quality)

Portable Camcorders:

If you are looking for easy to use camcorder for uploading on you tube the flip ultra hd should be the
best.(but it should have poor image stability ie shaking of videos on moving it or on recording fast moving images - For almost still images - its video quality is pretty good - but it may not be sharp etc as professional ones due to smaller lens size).. Be careful in not buing normal flip ultra camcorder vs flip ultra hd camcorder.(also check if its 2nd generation or 3rd generation)
NOTE: Do comaprison shopping at sites like etc and get best price. (go with retail stores like best buy for easy return .. Or trusted
internet dealers like amazon, bphotostudio )